Your tradestation!?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by M Vega, Jun 16, 2005.

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    Ok.. i have to admit, he looks like a fool with his style of clothing, but he's one of the best traders i've met in my live!
    Show me your tradestations! I'm very curious how they look like!


    M Vega


  3. These, 'My Hardware's bigger than yours!', trading comparisons always make for great ET Show and Tell.

    BTW, it looks like your Longhorn trader buddy left his anti-quad-19"-CRT-gamma-Ray-bans at the gym... :)

    Hey, that healthy snack machine looks familiar - you two in the UT Student Union basement Computer (hourly rental) Center?

  4. M Vega

    M Vega

  5. H2O


    He looks like someone I used to sit next to in the office.... (S. v. K. ?)
    Great guy, we had good fun...

    One of the best traders.... no but a good trader yes !
    If this is him, tell him to PM me here, he knows who I am....

    Oh, and by the way... nothing wrong with his clothing... You should see the guys here in the office.... (including me)

    Edit: Now I know for sure.... I recognize the office... Tell him to contact me pls.
  6. Thats cool Bro! Be sure sure to check out Maetro's Monstrous (genetics pee-wee!) setup.

  7. M Vega

    M Vega