Your Top 5 Picks

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  1. bttweb


    Im starting a Top 5 Picks in this format for sharing...


    1. GIGM

    2. WEBM

    3. BEAS

    4. SONS

    5. ITWO

    if you have yours. you can share it here..
  2. what is the holding time?

    My best picks for 1 day, 1 week and 1 month are different.
  3. Best 6 Ideas looking foward

    MA (Master Card)--Oct 65 puts---Sold the common and 1/2 of my Oct 65 Calls today and bought the Oct puts for 1.85 a contract....We will see how this spread works out

    XING (Qiao Xing Universal Telephone)---A great way to play China

    Any Utility Fund---Slow and Steady wins the race

    Any Tobacco Stock---UST, RAI, ITY, GLH, CG, BTI, MO, VGR---These are the ones I own

    Grocery Stores----WFMI, PTRY, SWY, SPTN, SWY, PTMK, KR, AHO, IMKTA, DEG, CBD---I own all of these currently and would only pick them up on a 6-10% pullback from current levels

    Coal Stocks and Alternative energy---My most recent purchases---Was buying ACI, CNX, SSL, ANR on Friday--- BTU, FCL, FDG, MEE on Tuesday....Sold 1/2 ENER on Friday and Still holding HW (Bought Mon 9/11) for Alternative energy

    Titanium Picking back up BTW---RTI, ATI, TIE, CRS

    Best 6 Performers Since My Early May Liquidation

    SCT(Scottish RE Group)---Bought 7/31---220% return--Been Taking Profits Recently

    SWHC(Smith & Wesson)---Bought 5/25---110% return--Took Some Profits Today

    POZN (Pozen Inc)---Bought 6/9---109% return--Took Some Profits Today

    MDTH (Med Cath Corp)---Bought 5/15--101% return---Took Some Profits Today

    GROW (US Global Investors)--Bought 7/24--78% return---Took Some Profits Today (Delta Airlines)--Bought 9/11--114% return---Sold 3/4 of the position today and will let the free stock ride into bankruptcy

  4. boy if u rock..congrats on your tradin'.
  5. HDTV looked good this morning so picked up some shares
  6. bttweb


    those are my 3-6 mths watch. but u can have yours just not a few days or 1 day.. pls stick to top 5 so we can all scan and compare.. that means ur willing to put it ur own $100K to those
    top 5..

  7. I like BF.B and MIGP long, CCRT and ACF short (long holding times on the shorts). MIGP would be short term dump. My final pick would be cash.
  8. 1. Yrcw

    2. Slab

    3. Mrvl

    4. Swks

    5. Apc

    My top five largest positions.
  9. Hmm

    EBAY is a good play, just need to find the bottom then swing again.
  10. Comptalk- you might want to keep your eye on the pullback on SIM. That stock is vicious and will selloff while every other steel stock is strong.
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