Your Top 5 Most Financially Safe FOREX Brokers

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  1. Guys, lets make a list. Basically what I mean by safe is least likely to go the way of REFCOFX. That's all I mean here by safety - I don't mean the slippage, the fills, the spreads, the how nice their phone support is, etc.

    So far I can think of FXCM and Oanda. WHat names come to your mind. Give me your top 5 safest forex brokers!
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    I think IB would be the number 1
  3. Had one made a similar list in Aug. or Sep. 2005, our old friend, the newly-public Refco would have been a shoe-in for No. 1, head and shoulders above the rest. See the problem?

    If you are US-based (as opposed to especially the UK and Canada) and want the ultimate funds security, stick to currency futures. Even IB's insurance has limitations and exclusions attached.
  4. ABN Amro and DB have retail offerings. I think chances that one of those 2 firms go under anytime soon are rather slim. Not the best conditions tho.
  5. Oanda
  6. For retail: FXCM, Gain, IFX, CMS, Saxo
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    fxcm, oanda, gft, gain/, fxsol.
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  9. Not because of who they are, but where they are. The insurance for brokerage accounts is a universal Canadian perk (as alluded to above), nothing to do with Man.