Your Top 3 Cheapest Equities

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  1. Being hedged at much higher prices means absolutely zilch . . . see XTO and how that stock has been trading given the FACT that 50% of their 2009 production has been sold forward at an average price of $11.96

    I don't think that you fully understand the position that CHK is in with regards to their cash flow and financing needs.

    Stock is currently trading at $18.60 down yet another 3.80
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  2. KBR recently cut the monthly wage of engineers, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC techs working in mid-east by $3k per month.

    Who the hell is going to work there for so little?
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  3. Now everyone's top 3 cheap cheap?:p
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  4. AAA30


    Just ran a screen and came up with these ASH IR MOT AMR. Need to look into them more and confirm they have the high cash levels picked up in the screen and the book values are not a lot of intangibles.
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  5. dinoman


    If I had a gun to my head it would be.


    A few extra's if your a long termer.

    DRYS, X, SLB,
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  6. NoDoji


    MOS - massively oversold based on earnings miss and a wise business decision to temporarily curtail inventory, excellent cash position. Ended green today and gained more after hours. How many stocks ended green today???
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  7. GG1972


    "Will buy the day market sells off less than 5% ( that seems like a novelty these days)

    didnt mean it literally --please make this selling stop--I am not even hurting but its making me depressed--went to dentist today--the hygenist's parents have lost over 80k in and they are not even rich folksand that was yesterday without the pounding today and maybe tommorow is gonna bring.
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  8. Now trading in the $13 handle.
    Getting crushed by debt.
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  9. Getting crushed by forced selling. Once in a lifetime opportunity here, but to be honest, i felt that way yesterday too. They're at something like 2x cash flow.
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  10. Daal


    I'm going to pull a play from the jim rogers book and ride VLO all the way down to $0 if necessary :D
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