Your Top 3 Cheapest Equities

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  1. AAPL - under $90 it is trading for effectively 2x cash - not 2x book, but 2x cash - as there is a huge amount of deferred rev just waiting to fall onto the books.

    To put AAPL's cash horde in perspective, they could have done the the Buffet/Goldman deal four times over and still had a multi-billion pile left over.

    If cash truly is king over the next couple of years, AAPL is GLDN.
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  2. how far out is the deferred rev? i was just thinking we actually have a useful and interesting thread on ET and it's only 2 pages. go figure....
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  3. iPhone revs are spread evenly over 8 quarters (2 years). So nearly half the revenue from the *first* iPhone release has yet to find its way onto the books.
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  4. That stock is bad news.
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    Anybody here likes FNM and FRE ?
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  6. do you think their earnings will decline by 75% this year? that is what the market is pricing in.
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  7. considering their spot exposure to BDI pricing and the shadowy activities of the ceo (gorgeous george economou), I think that stock's glory days are WAY behind it. It's literally been run aground.

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  8. i am short DRYS:

    Thx for your money.
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    Y is everyone in a hurry to go long--bottoms are generally 3-6 months in making - you wont miss anything

    my 3 top equities WHEN things look rosier

    ECA is a rock solid company and will be split into 2 sometime soon. Hope to own both for 3-5 years

    DE getting cheaper by the day--good fundamentals

    BNI still the way to transport goods in this country.
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