Your Top 3 Cheapest Equities

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Daal, Oct 7, 2008.

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    Please list your top 3 with some basic reason for it
    1-KBR($9 a share in cash, trades at $14.5 because of obama win fears)
    2-VLO(on a trailling earnings basis trades around 3-5 PE, below book value)
    3-Still looking for one
  2. a chinese solar such as yge trading at .6 thats right POINT SIX times forward earnings or ldk at these levels i am getting killed in both in my investment account it sucks but i still have a bit of dry powder left don't know whether or not to deploy it now or wait i'm speechless at this point

    you have vlo i have tso so sort of the same
  3. kxvid


    1) FRO
    2) CF
    3) TNH
  4. AAA30


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    They all have very low P/E's. I like FRO the least, it is quite speculative and fear what might happen if they cut the dividend. However CF and TNH are very solid companies, commodities are not dead people. The world is supposed to have 9 billion people by 2050. I think TNH is the best buy of the 3. If you start averaging into TNH on the lows and reinvest the dividend over a period of 10 years I think you will do extremely well.
  6. TNH was below $5 dollars five years ago. It went all the way to $171 this year.

    It could lose another 50% and still be overpriced (and there's no shot that 16% dividend yield is going to stay).
  7. i have KBR as well

    TKTM is also very cheap...9+ in cash and no debt.

    PCR is also very cheap 15.50 cash/share
  8. 1) VLO
    2) DRYS
    3) LDK
  9. Cheap, but these things are dropping off a cliff!!!!! Might as well buy a tombstone for your commodities stocks, LOL!
  10. fuck i'm in love with ldk, rule number 1 never fall in love with a stock lmaaaooo
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