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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by stav, Aug 22, 2005.

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    I purchased the Wealth-Lab soft sometime ago and still trying to extract somehting useful out of it. It looks like it isnt for a non-programmer like me, but I must say, it does have few interesting features.
    I came across Tradecision from Alyuda sometime ago but they dont offer a demo or free-trial version. It cost around $1600 for the realtime version which is a lot of money. Anyone has experience working with this program? Is it easy to code a strategy? Is it reliable when it comes to calculating scores etc? I have read some threads at ET about it but arent specific enough to make a decision.
  2. Take a look at Tradestation ( )...
    unfortunately, you are kinda stuck to their brokerage fees, but there is some software that will generate orders to Interactive Brokers via API.
    The coding is much easier than Wealthlab, plus there are a ton of built-in strategies and indicators...ready-to-go.
    Warning: datafeed my be "laggin" a bit.
    For $200, you can try it for a fact, they may give you a month free....if you sign-up.
  3. Looks like a cool toy, but is it worth the money? Will it pay back for itself? Do they have a user group? That would be the best place to ask questions like that...
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    Good questions, its like with everything, u dont know before u purchase it and play with it for sometime. But the question remains open: assuming u have a method and that this method is "codeable" are these toys reliable enough to make money with the method?
    I also noticed that tradecision has a neural net program, anyone has experience running these babies?
  5. They have a forum, so why not ask questions there. Then tell us your impressions...
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    Tradecision gave me one month evaluation free of charge and asked me to post my findings here. I plan to start testing it early next year and will report findings.
  7. Any update?

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    I know, I should have reported much earlier, but hold back due to other biz priorities. However, here are few findings:

    I liked:
    1/ Easy to install, configure and run (not the case with other comparable software).
    2/ very complete and easy to use charting with many, many studies, more than I have ever seen in any other commercially available charting software.
    3/ easy to setup and run simulations.
    4/ very easy to import and run your ascii historical data, (not the case with other comparable software)

    Didnt like:

    PS. Although my primary goal was to test its coding failities, I didnt realy got that far. However, I spent sometime playing with this and it seemed to me that the degree of difficulty of this feature doesnt really differ much from other comparable softwares out there. For a non-coder like me, its equally difficult to program strategies in this software, compared to others like Wealth-lab or statasearch for example.

    worth the trouble of spending sometime with it. The company offers 30 days money back