your thoughts on samsung 22" monitor?

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    any traders using these?

    i've had 2 19" samsung syncmaster 191t for a long time, and am thinking of moving up to the 22". the general comments from end users seem good; anyone have any comments on them in a trading environment?

  2. Besides the larger size, you likely to be disappointed. Most of the 22's have TN panels while the 191T was a class leader with a *VA panel.

    However, the Samsung 22's are among the best liked of their ilk.
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    thanks for that, it's why i asked here...i didn't even know of the difference between *VA (vertical alignment) or TN (twisted nematic) or that they mattered. now i've read up and found out.

    so...any suggestions on a *VA (i don't think i need an IPS) monitor in a larger size, ie. 22?
  4. There are not many (maybe none) 22's with other than a TN panel. 22's were built and marketed for the gamer market. Gamers value response time and lack of screen artifacts over other characteristics, so the TN panel is the best choice... fast and cheap too.

    Personally, I have one LCD with TN panel and it's OK for a trading display. But I only bought it because if was cheap and had a big rebate. When I care about the display quality, I go for other.

    If you're concerned mostly about trading and not gaming, I'll tell you my preference in monitors (good quality display and price) if interested.
  5. I personally hate wide screens for charting. Everything is too stretched out when maximized.

    A 22 really isn't all that much larger than a 19 anyway. I'd just stick with several 19's.

    That said, I would like to replace my 4 array setup with two 30's. They just simply look awesome! Waiting for at least one of my monitors to die first before I replace the whole system, which is about 4 years old now. These things, and my old Dell, just keep chugging along however.

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    if you get a chance, that would be great. as i mentioned, i've loved the syncmaster 191t's for years, but figured i can move up in the monitor world.

    my needs? trading. any games, i'll play on another system (and can use a 191t if need be).

    jay - i've had one of these monitors for 5 years or so? i generally don't upgrade, but figured it would help out. also, i don't want to get another video card; my dual one is nice for now...

    thanks for the help...
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    I've got a SyncMaster 204B. Had it for about a year... Enjoyed it thoroughly. When I started trading from home nn October, I added a SyncMaster 245BW to the mix. The work pretty well side by side (similar vertical dimensions and identical vertical resolutions).

    I'm really glad I got the 245BW... I can't imagine having any less screen space...

    - mnx
  8. Like I said, I like UXGA, 1600x1200, monitors for trading.

    My preferences:

    1. Planar PL2010M for about $360 at panel. The stand has tilt adjustment only, but a great bargain.

    2. If you want height and pivot in the stand, then Planar PL2011M (same panel as PL2010M)... about $400.

    3. HP LP2065... some are S-IPS panels, others are AMVA. Stand is height adjustable and has pivot function... about $400, but currently has $50 rebate, too.

    I have both the PL2010M and LP2065. My preference for display quality is the Planar PL2010M.... I've got a bunch of LCD's (2, HP LP2065's in fact)... my Planar PL2010M is my Primary.

    Planar is not the best known brand, but they also have a line of "medical" monitors like NEC. Top quality stuff. Top quality warranty and service.

    These are the best overall values in class.
  9. The Samsung 204B was the first (and still the only) attempt to bring gamer performance (with a TN panel) to the market with 1600x1200 resolution. Overall, it has been very well liked in spite of its limitations.
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    If you're a scalper would the 25ms response time on the Planar make a difference? (vs. 4-5ms on a TN panel)?

    I figured it would when I was buying monitors, but now I'm wondering if I bought monitors look at the wrong criteria... lol oh well. still love my samsungs...

    - mnx

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