Your thoughts on multi generational wealth

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    Wow what a scam, I wonder how many get taken in

    Edit, lol I found one sucker. So this family group is scam number 2. First scam was a...i chit you not... a "certification for a hedge fund professional"

    Watch this for 2 mins, yada yada scam.

    But better, this personal testimony will have you rolling..

    Someone hire that guy, he's a winner.

    Anyway I have to go gets studying for my hedgefund certificate, they accept western union as payment, classy. Around the 5 min mark of first vid there.
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    Well you're right it's looks like a scam. Just linked that video because it discussed family offices I didn't bother to research "HedgeFundGroup".

    Here's a hedge fund channel which is exceptional and highly unlikely to be a scam:
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    Most mountains/valleys or mountain charts are NOT that level or shallow as seen in that you tube.LOL:D

    Therefore I would want to see how they manage smaller or medium assets.:cool: