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    I've been trading for several months and decided to lower my transactions costs. That is why I've decided to move my account to Interactive Brokers. But I found their trading platfrom not quite good for placing orders. I’ve spent some time looking for another software, and liked the following platforms:
    1) 1st-Profit: visual order placement and intuitive interface
    2) QuoteTracker: free and supports many Brokers (JIC, if I decide to move my account to another Broker in the future)

    Dear fellow traders, could you please just give me a clear and definite answer about why you are using a particular platform. Thanks for your help.
  2. Roark


    I use bracket trader. It's cheap, simple to use, and does pretty much everything I need.
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    Thanks Roark!
    Guys, any other suggestions?
  4. Is quotetracker FREE again? It used to be free and then they started charging a monthly fee or you had to open a TD Ameritrade account.
    Did they go back to being completely free like the past?
    I have been using or trying to use IB's chart trading software and I am not too fond of it.

  5. No it isn't free. Its adware.
  6. Buttontrader is the only reason I would move to IB.

    It's THAT good.

    But I work with x-trader.
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    Ninja Trader is probably the best front end available right now. If you are a serious trader, I would strongly advise using it above anything else. You can benefit from native 64 bit automation and also some indicators built into.

    Note there is a learning curve but NT does offer some free online courses. Maybe I will offer an advanced automation seminar for free if some are interested and can provide a free way for those interested to view it.
  8. I don't know if it is free again but QuoteTracker isn't adware.

  9. I use NinjaTrader for free charting and IB's booktrader for order entry. I love this combination (although I now have to use IBController to allow 1-click trading in booktrader). Sierrachart is also very good, that would be my second choice.

    Everyone's going to have a different opinion based on their trading style and workflow preferences. Take mine for what it's worth (not much).
  10. Second that. Buttontrader for DOM and Ninja for charting.
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