Your strategy for Fri?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by a529612, May 10, 2007.

  1. Would you buy the dips if it opens lower tomorrow?
  2. nope. we'll see lower prices for a few more days, best to wait until next week.
  3. bvam1


    If it goes down to 1400, buy the support. Minor support also at 1460, but rather buy 1400.
  4. I hope there is heavier selling so I can recoup more losses in my DXD. Another triple digit loss in the DOW is unlikely but ya never know if this could be the start of consecutive declines. Maybe bad news over the weekend of some sorts to really get the global correction started. I never want to see record highs for a long time...
  5. bvam1


    Minimum 1% consolidation if the sales figure below estimates and PPI above.
  6. empee


    im going long @ the open
  7. bvam1


    If futures are in the red pre-market, I highly doubt you'll go long.
  8. cross my fingers for good data
  9. exit my longs and start looking for shorts.
  10. BUY ALL DIPS! I love fading ET and this is one instance where the dumb money has said out loud what will happen next. If the ETers say sell, then you buy. Its that easy, its that simple.

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