Your stock picks for 2017

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  1. In your opinion, which companies will be the biggest winners/losers in 2017?
  2. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith

    The biggest winners will be some of them.
    The biggest losers will be the rest.

    Seriously. If I or anyone else knew with any degree of certainty, we would all be billionaires sitting on beaches.

    Just look at all the big institutionals who publish their annual picks. How many had good results in 2016 ? Despite all their staff and computing resources, they still managed to make some pretty shocking recommendations.

    Fact of the matter is that if the last year or so have been anything to go by, 2017 is going to be tough going for the stockpicker community.
  3. Hertz $HTZ is getting a lot of hate and I think it has potential.
  4. shouldnt we start.......with what your OPINIONS are......the country the sector the stock....and then i can tell you how you are wrong or why you are right.
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  5. GwenJosh


    I will go with tech stocks.
    I will invest in Apple Inc. and International Business Machines Corp.
    These are the stocks in Warren Buffett's portfolio as well.
  6. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith


    The best thing you can do in 2017 is teach yourself how to pick stocks.

    Just because it's in Warren Buffet's portfolio :
    1. Doesn't mean its any good ("With Tesco, we definitely made a mistake. I made a mistake on that one more than anybody else made a mistake ... That was a huge mistake by me,")
    2. You don't know why its there. If you don't know why a stock is in your portfolio, it shouldn't be there. Whether you're into fundamentals or technicals, that stuff comes secondary to the stock's story - i.e. if I ask you why you bought something in your portfolio, you should be able to give me a good solid reasoned story about what the stock is, where it came from and where its going. "Mr Buffet Bought It" is not a story. P/E / DCF / "The Whizz-Bang Indicator shows a buy" ... is not a story. The story doesn't need to be 10 pages long ... but if you are truly investing rather than speculating, then you owe it to yourself to take a little time to research what you're about to put your hard earned money into.
    Do your own homework instead of copying others. And if you can't be bothered to do your own homework, just become a passive investor, buy an index fund and forget about it for the rest of your life (<-- this is *not* to be taken as investment advice,again do your own homework).
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  7. Handle123


    Sunaco, good dividend company and I don't see new lows in crude, thinking it will double. Most Oil related are starting rebound. When you check commodity prices and find 9 year lows in markets, stock related should eventually rebound unless overall economy sinks and since these companies are very depressed, they would not lose as much.

    I think Sears/K-mart will bomb 2017 and perhaps close doors forever except for catalog sales.
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  8. vanzandt


    I think you're right. Consensus says $60 oil is a top. I disagree.
    But F the integrated players....
    If you wanna make money and play with some risk... buy calls on the oil VIX.

    Trumpy is a black swan, and the world is ugly. Catch that spike. Buy the OVX via whatever vehicle you please, place your sell order very very high,...... and forget about it.
    Oil is gonna spike.
  9. vanzandt


    For the record.... OVX 29.71 as I type.
  10. Handle123


    Thank you, but I can only do system trades, I will put it in my nest of stocks/ETFs I follow and wait for signals. My days of playing high risk is over, I simply gotten worn out of doing anything where risk is too high, maybe old dogs can finally learn, LOL. If I can't hedge everything I get into, I don't do the trade. Exception is day trading where the risk is extremely the greatest and reward is the smallest, like today I had to double my mental risk of scalping cause really low volume. But it is all a game.
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