Your Stimulus Dollars at Work

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    Road signs costing $300 each, being placed at construction sites to alert motorists that the project is being paid for by the stimulus money. Transportation Department spokesman Jill Zuckman said each state decides whether to use stimulus money for signs, and the cost would vary in each state.

    Coburn also criticized a $3.4 million Florida Department of Transportation project for an "eco-passage" - an underground wildlife road crossing for turtles and other wildlife in Lake Jackson, Fla., along U.S. 27.

    "Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the other side of a stimulus project," the Coburn report says.

    Josh Boan, the Florida Transportation Department's natural resources manager, said a large number of turtles and other wildlife are killed in the area. In addition to protecting wildlife, he said the project is needed for safety: turtles hit by vehicles can become flying projectiles.
  2. Sounds like money well spent, but i only see 1 problem. We are going to need more stimulus money to teach these turtles to read the "underground road x-ing" signs. Otherwise they might still try to go across the top of the road.
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    Or dinner!

  4. This stimulus is at least better than the one we did for Iraq.
  5. "DID"?
    We're still doing it. We're giving free health care to Iraq too.
  6. You beat me to it. What did Bush's advisers tell him? The war would cost 50 billion, give or take a trillion dollars?