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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by RainDrops, Aug 10, 2008.

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    As a new prop trader, I am getting used to my screen and keyboard layout.

    For you veterans, I am wondering what indicators, indexes, stats, and charts you like to keep up on your screens. Which are must-see, which are overrated? I am still in the process of organizing my workspace. Thanks.
  2. You must have the third fibonacchi bolinger dula to the fifth standard deviation...if you dont have that you cant trade
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    Man this forum is awesome for ppl who want to ask questions and then get lots of hilarious jokes back.
  4. Some people daytrade off of 5 min charts, others 1 min charts. These are common frames of reference. Some people have a moving average just for reference. I have a 20 sma as just a guideline, I don't use it solely to make trades.

    Every trader is different so its hard to give a concrete answer


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    Not a very good image, but basically an order entry window within the quote window so you can watch trade by trade if need be. A message window to see what you've done. A position window to see open positions. And a montage monitor to see depth of book, New York Open Book etc.

    I can put them all on my laptop, but much better with 2 screens. That's about all you really "need"....

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    Search for Maestro in the hardware section. You will see some of his awesome screens.
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    On my screens I always have up quotes of varying stocks of interest, a filtering software to find stocks along with order entry/open orders/level 2.

    My charts consist of:
    1 day, 1 min bars
    2 day, 5 min bars
    3 month, daily bars with 50 and 200 day moving average
    5 days 30 min bars
    1 day chart of the market always up.
    And a daily chart that I can set to have 2 stocks on to see how they are doing against each other.

    With this set up I can very quickly get a good feel of what a stock has been doing in the short and long term.