Your Roth IRA and your LLC

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by hefty1, Feb 24, 2006.

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    Here's my idea. Create an investment company from your Roth IRA, use it to open another account at your LLC, combining it with your regular trading account. Trade them both simultaneously (just one order for both). Allocate 10% of your daily p/l to the roth and watch it grow tax free.

    Here's the problem. Attorneys are telling me that there must be seperate orders. One cannot just allocate p/l or stocks for that matter to one's roth.

    I'm thinking hedge funds must use software that will, say, take one order and divide it among accounts before actual execution. Has anyone any experience with this softwate, or day trading his roth?
  2. use ib fa account
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    whats an ib fa acct?
  4. financial advisor account. you put all of your accounts under one master account and it will allocate trades however you want it to.
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    thx, vhehn, The fa concept is correct, but i can't use ib in conjunction with my prop firm