Your Profit % for Past 10 Years

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  1. 74Man


    What is the average profit % you earned for past 10 years?

    Mine is +27% per annum without compounded for past 12 years.
  2. Been doing this for 4years now.

    Fulltime year 1= 4,809% net profit.

    Partime year 2/3/4= 500%-650% return profit per each year.
  3. If you can really make those numbers, then Jack Schwager is waiting to interview you for his next book.
  4. m22au


    This thread, like similar ones before it, don't provide much useful information because

    1. Distinction is rarely made between return on assets versus return on equity

    2. Account size is seldom disclosed

  5. I dont know who that Jack bloke is.. lol

    But i live-called inadvance/on entry every single one of those trades in my journals on here,
    documenting the entry price as i entered the trade, the reason why i was making that trade at that time/price, what my target price was,
    and then posted when i cashed-in the trade.

    And so it was clear for all to see what happened after i live-called my trade entries.. :)

    Links to my journals- (1,200pages long / Year 1) (Year 3/4)