Your Optimal VP Picks?

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  1. Obama - I don't know - maybe Webb.

    McCain - Senator Olympia Snowe - R-ME*

    *He goes out ahead minimum 5 points instantly picking her. Trust me on this you Reps - I'm the one that told you over a year ago your only hope was McCain. Now your boy is in trouble and his VP pick is crucial - the party self destructs if the pick is even close to being labelled a right wing psycho.
  2. Obama - tim kaine. its his best shot at Virginia, which would be a brutal blow to Mac. kaine is also a very likable guy, and seen as "new" also. i believe putting an old experienced guy on the ticket would be counter productive to BO. he is all about "change".

    Mac - my first pick is Ridge, but i doubt that will happen cause his abortion views. the conservative right is not going to vote Obama regardless, but they may just refuse to vote.

    He will go with Pawlenty, unless forced to go with Romney for economic reasons. pawlenty looks like a good choice, but still won't bring in MN. Romney looks presidential (should Mac croak in office), but he also has some serious negatives.

    Anyway, I'd go with Ridge, hopefully gaining PA, and hoping the conservatives hate BO so much they still vote.
  3. Arnie


    Tim Kaine ran on a promise to not raise taxes and promptly broke that 6 days after he was elected. His only experience, other than running one of the most incompetent administrations as governor, was as a city councilman in Richmond. At the time Richmond had a murder rate in the top 5 of the country. The schools suck. And not only do they suck, they do so at one of the highest costs per pupil in the country. Other than that he is very well qualified to run with Obama. Two peas in a pod:D
  4. Yeah, he does such a piss poor job that his approval/disapproval rating now stands at 56/39. Compare that to Pawlenty's 52/45 rating. Do Republicans live in a different universe than everyone else?

    Meanwhile, are you one of the 20 people left in this country who still support Bush?
  5. Kinda hard to see republicans picking a woman given their history with pedophilia and homosexual related activities - Republican Offenders.
  6. Well let's talk some more about women.

    Let's say it's true that we've got an angry electorate out there - the first fule is don't pick a VP that pisses the judge off even more.

    I can't see how either party is her by female running mates - it's time too - Ferraro never counted as far as I was concerned.


    And what about this business with Hillary standing aside last week? Does anyone think she'd be an asset to Obama? I do.
  7. Hillary doesn't want it now I believe. She wants BO to lose, so she would be the favorite in 2012. She won't say this in public of course, but I bet she is at home with Bill, rooting for Mac on election night.
  8. Exactly. She wants to make Obama look bad, like an ungracious winner, while appearingto be loyal herself. Of course, like everything else with the Clintons, it's a big sham. I can't feel too bad for Obama though since his whole campaign is a big sham.
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    I would love nothing than better than to see Obama put Kaine on the ticket. :D
  10. Here is my prediction:
    If Obama picks Kaine, Obama wins Virginia.
    If McCain picks Pawlenty, McCain loses Minnesota.
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