Your new leader hasnt got a clue how to run the country!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Come on, simple courtesy after a long hard campaign. Nice to see someone who doesn't think he already knows it all.

  2. You fuking anti-patriotic right-wing loser... go crawl back in your hole for another 4 years...! You guys are totally anti-American and it took this election for your true colors to come through.

    Total losers! Guy hasn't even been sworn in yet and you sore fcking retarded losers of the right-wing losing faction of the republican party have to constantly make meaningless comments. I am glad I left the republican party comprised of ignorant pricks like you!
  3. The Obama age drags on, it's been 7 days since the Most Merciful Lord Obama has been declared the prince in waiting of south central Camelot and so far the Dow has lost a lot of points and the dismalness of the future of America is still confronting us every day, every hour, even the minutes seem longer and drearier... I can't stand it... well there's the bailout and all the freebies he will be handing out to make sure people keep on voting for the Dems.. I can live with that shit I guess.....
  4. Oh yeah...voicing my "freedom of speech" by pointing out that your new leader who was so against what the policies of the people he was running against, who is now asking for their help on how he should run the country(probably because he thinks the load of crap he fed you to get you to vote for him wont work) and because I excercise that "freedom of speech" or "freedom of the press" since i am writing about it here, that makes me anti-american?

    No, my friend! Its YOU who wants me to keep quiet about this stuff who is anti-american. Just the way hitler didnt want anyone speaking out against him. Or Pol Pot who didnt want anyone speaking out against him! Now YOU dont want me speaking out against Obama. Isnt THAT anti-american?

    And when you bring out the name calling, everyone knows thats what people who have no arguement do when they cant think of an intelligent reason about why the other person is wrong.

    For me...this is good that Obama is asking McCain what do to because unlike you, I voted based on policies, not on color. But now it looks like hes going to ask for help from people he beat. Why? Because Obama told you what you wanted to hear and doesnt believe in what he said he was going to do for you, so he's going to the people that actually have a clue on how to run a country.

    Get an education man, so you dont have to resort to high school name calling to try to get your point across because thats all you are doing and all the people on here with educations know it.
  5. This shouldn't be surprising to anyone except the kool aid drinkers.
  6. IGNORED the f-king sophomoric retard!
  7. You have to admit Barry is the greenest President ever elected in the USA. He was a community organizer and now he has to organize the whole USA? It's going to be funny as hell!