Your most Violent Outburst while Trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aphexcoil, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. use it as a leading indicator.... the ones cursing and fussing in the office.. take the opp side.. the more the 4 letters words the bigger size you add on against them hahaha.
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  2. yent88


    last year i had a real nut case trader on my table opposite me. everytime he got mad he'd hit anything insight(incuding some of his traders) when an occasional victim asked why he hit him, his response was "cuz you where there" anyway, his screens where opposite mine. bare in mind that i use three "21" inch monitors- and not the flat ones. one day this guy punched his middle screen with his fist knocking it hard into my center screen, which was opposite his, sending my huge screen right of my desk and into my lap. I WAS DRINKING COFFEE. my coffee went flying into the guy sitting to my right, who was talking to his new bride. he yelled out a few curse words and she hung up on him. moral of the story--chill out traders or dont trade. by the way, nut case smashed his screen and broke his hand and needed some needle work to sowe up his hand and arm...
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  3. So, do you take the keys and use the letters to make a symbol to trade?
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  4. "what's her symbol?"
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  5. WCOM ... no wait ... WCOME ... no no ... WCOMQ?
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  6. I had a bad case of rectal itching one time during trading. I was at home, and the itch was real bad, it was driving me crazy. So I took off my pants, and scratched and scratched my ass, but it still itched. The more I scratched my ass, the more it itched. I was dying. I got some steel wool and began using that on my ass. I was trading, in a losing position, and trying to relieve the pain in my ass.

    "Most violent case of metal fiber penetration in a rectal area I have ever seen" was what the doctor wrote down on the chart at the hospital.
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    yent, you just won the contest.:D :D :D
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