Your most Violent Outburst while Trading?

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  1. Obviously some of you have had a bad day during trading. Maybe, on top of some losers in the morning, you had 20 contracts open when the power went out and your UPS failed. Perhaps the dog chewed through your DSL line while you were short 20,000 shares of QQQ?

    What is the most violent thing you have done because you were pissed off? Be honest and open -- we're all men here. I'm sure somebody has broken something, kicked the cat, punched a hole in the wall, threw their chair out the window and onto their RAV4.

    Spill the beans.
  2. i'm not very violent.. i can't remember the last time i ever threw something in a violent rage. :mad: so, whenever i have a bad trading day, i usually just end up going for a walk down a hiking trail and think about my life. hehe other times i will mountain bike, or go lift some weights at the gym. lifting weights while pissed is the perfect combination..i must say. :) then when you're done, you feel a whole lot better.

    i highly recommend to anyone who is interested in lifting weights/exercising, that you do it! when i think of my life, it's definitely one of the best things i do! no doubt!!!!!
  3. I punched holes in the door......Then later I paid for and replaced the door which made me mad again.
  4. future,

    lol. I mean, I'm sure it sucked when it happened. But that was good.
  5. My temper is pretty in check most of the time, but I know a trader that got mad and punched a whole in the wall and broke his hand at the same time. It was back when high volume momentum nasdaq scalping was the thing to do. Hard to be fast on the keys when you have a cast on.

    Another kind of funny story was a trader that broke his mouse and keyboard. Yet he was long a ton of stock and the market starting turning on him and he could not get out. The office got on his case for breaking the equipment. He left for lunch and when he came back he had about 10 mouses and a couple of keyboards so he can break them anytime he wanted too.
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    I remember one trader who would scream like a girl at almost every trade that went against him. If it got worse he'd be pounding the table, kicking the trash cans, smashing keyboards, you name it. It got so bad he ended up getting a room to himself with the door closed because none of the other traders wanted to deal with him.

    The most successful traders I've worked with could be up or down millions and you'd never know it unless you asked.

  7. Corn,

    Was he running around the room asking to borrow a keyboard real fast? HAHAHAHAHA
  8. bone


    I got into a shoving match in the bond pit. But it was about a spot to stand in, and not my trading. That would be termed 'violent'. I won the shoving match.

    I've seen guys get fired at electronic trading firms for getting too emotional on a routine basis. If you disturb an entire room of traders with an emotional outburst, it's bad for business.
  9. I think I said "darn" once, a year or so ago.
    Win some, lose some, play on.

    Ps, Gordon--Similar stuff. Fun. Enriching.
  10. That is pretty lame. I think if you're in your own office and get pissed off and feel the need to vent, you can pick up something off your desk and break something.

    However, to cry and moan and shout like a baby with a room full of other traders is tactless and totally unwarranted. If I was trying to trade and someone did that, I'd tell them to shut up or leave the room. If they dared get violent with me, I'd grab their belt and throw them through their own monitor.

    There is no place for outbursts in a trading firm.
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