Your Most Valuable Trading Asset Is ___

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  1. Fill the blank.

    Title of thread is: Your Most Valuable Trading Asset Is ___
  2. I start then. We can put 1. the capital, and 2. edges on the side. They are trivial answers. Some others are:

    3. Sale of option premium,

    4. Some areas of markets are negative sum.

    5. Stock trading blog.
  3. My Most Valuable Trading Asset Is My Huge Penis.
  4. TGpop


    beat me to it!
  5. i don't wanna brag...

    on second thought maybe i should not... :(

    Shortie Out :cool:
  6. ptrjon


    My answer: common sense + industry/investment knowledge.

    Also, gigantic balls.
  7. my most valuable trading asset is my knowledge about trade
  8. My eyes and my fingers.
  9. spindr0


    Are you using Viagra eye drops ???

    (makes it look bigger)

  10. You are so cute and cool.

    My answer is my cheque :D
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