Your most frequent error In trading

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    I thought this would be interesting and something we could benefit from each other. We can certainly learn from each other’s mistakes. So my question is the following.

    “What is your most glaring mistake that you have struggled with for trading”

    I could name a few, but I’d say that the biggest is deviating from my strategy. Like, moving my stop. Or entering a trade before my signal occurs.

    How about you ?
  2. Handle123


    I don't struggle in my trading at all, want to discover to get better like any one.

    "Your most frequent error In trading"

    Coming to this forum when I should be back testing or doing trading related research.
    Unless I am reading posts from ten years ago or further back, very little written here for me is of any quality. Way too much angry and those is do it have deep depression and don't realize that.
  3. computerizing as much of your trading as possible does two things it makes you better at picking what you need to be doing and makes you realize what you thought was good in fact has many holes in it. so i think the glaring mistake would be not trading with real money.
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    Hmmm. Never thought simulation trading being an error. But to clarify I guess my post is asking people what mistakes they have made with real live trading with real actual money
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  5. Trying to be 100% win:loss ratio vs prudent risk management. Edge W:L is about 70-80, trying to get that extra 10-20 is a mistake.
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  6. speedo


    Those which you listed are not "mistakes", A mistake would be hitting the buy button when you meant to hit the sell. You are referring to poor behavior and lack of discipline. Until you get those under control, you are not a competent trader and will fail.
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  7. i have a error for you though not frequent.

    we were trading 30 yr bond futures with a model that bought and sold on the close of natural one hour bars. just so happens on a friday we got a signal to place an order right on the close at 2:00 central time. we came in that monday after the weekend the bond market opened 2 full points against our position which now did not even appear on the screen.

    so how did a signal from friday's close disappear? i tell you how "settlement" price replaced the close in the data feed which was PC Quote at the time. so lesson learned about data feeds and trading models that use close of bar as entry points.
  8. bogitrade


    If the strategy is bad, deviate, you save money that way.
  9. tomorton


    I constantly fight the urge to close winning trades and exit strong trends which I am following. I don't always win that one.
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  10. Here4money


    Basically this; I second guess exiting on a winning streak and end up exiting too late
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