Your Money or Your Life

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  1. I highly recommend individuals read the book Your Money or Your Life. There is a passage that made me think of many of you, particularly Sandybestdog.

    " Higher Pay: A Matter of Attitude

    Many people are passive, even fatalistic, about the size of their earnings. They act out of a victim mentality, totally at the mercy of outside forces--the boss, the wage scale, the unemployment situation, the recession, the poor local economy, The President's economic policy, competition from low-paid workers in developing countries, and on and on. The attitude is one of "I can't find a good job--and it is because of THEM. THEY are keeping me in a low paying job.
    While economic realities may at times be harsh, it is also the nature of the human mind to make real the thoughts and beliefs that we hold (a fact that should encourage great care in how we think about ourselves). If you see yourself as a victim, you may well be too busy feeling sorry for yourself to notice the many opportunities to change your dismal destiny"

    This is a great nugget of wisdom. Use it as you wish. It may change your life.

  2. Isn't it always attitude?

    Attitude + Aptitude = Altitude
  3. Thug: This is a stickup! Now come on. Your money or your life.
    [long pause]

    Thug: [repeating] Look, bud, I said 'Your money or your life.'
    Jack Benny: I'm thinking it over!

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    [If you see yourself as a victim, you may well be too busy feeling sorry for yourself to notice the many opportunities to change your dismal destiny]

    Right on, right on.
  5. You are actually keeping yourself in a losing endeavor (trading).

    It's similar to keep working at a low paying job.
  6. I like this quote ... thanks ... I am going to keep it for future reference
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    This is a great book. It really turned my financial life around about 15 years ago. I can't recommend it enough, even if you think you've got everything under control.
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    I actually remember that from the Jack Benny radio show when I was a little kid :D

    Attitude helps a lot in the job marketplace... not necessarily at the job interview but when negotiating for a raise... I was highly skilled in a field that had really short supply of workers in the 70'-80's.. I talked to one boss about a raise... I followed up after a few days, he'd forgotten... I clocked out at lunch and got another job and the raise I had asked the moron for... I didn't even go back or anything... so the moron calls me in a few days and I told him forget it... then an ad appears for a temporary worker for my old job and they are paying about half again what they were paying me.. I should have gone back as a temp but I liked the new job...
  9. Thank you for posting, and welcome to ET. I think a lot of it is about 40% luck and 60% skill. I've found if you make your own luck, the rest falls into place, but having a significant other at the top of her payscale helps, too.