Your money is in Israel now!!

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  1. Bernanke was on 60 Minutes tonight.

    How do you know he is lying? When his lips move.

    I also saw a show named Masterminds, and it profiled 'crazy eddie' and his electronics stock and stock market scam of the 1980's. His entire family helped to skim money and send it to Israel.

    Then it struck me, about how these Israel-firsters operate:

    Your money is in Israel! All the money stolen from taxpayers by the Fed. But why, what does one do with such a large sum of money?

    The answer is easy: spend it on WAR.

    The Fed was created in 1913 to fund WW1, and then WW2 was used to make a homeland for Israel (and to plunge Europe into total communism, these are the only results of WW2)

    WW3? More of the same. I'm sure Madoff and the secret people who aided him is a part of it. WW3 is plunging USA into total communism too.

    I believe this to be 100% true otherwise I would not post it.

    As I've always said, the day USA wakes up to the fact that Israel is the problem and not the solution is the day we have peace.
  2. He was lying alright just not about things you said.

    He made it seem like the Fed can just arbitrarily "increase bank's accounts with the fed".

    His appearance is a lame confidence inspiring move (won't work).
  3. Five, five...five dollar footlongs...

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  4. President Rosenfelt (his real name) made sure the USA was a part of WW2 and the unprescidented slaughter of Christans (well unprecidented since WW1).

    The firebombing of Dresden where 1/2 million died in 1 week; dropping Atomic bombs on largely christian towns in Japan; and Russia/UK/Germany/US deaths rounded out this holocaust.

    But we do not have the freedom to talk about this. We gave it up, remember?

    Now run along and keep that US aid to Israel flowing!! If it was worth fighing WW2 for them I guess it's worth diverting money from needy americans to this day. :mad:

    With the United States of Israel already formenting WW3 in the middle east, just how many will die this time?