Your Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine

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    No vaccine - no job

    Employers mull COVID vaccine requirements

    Nearly half of employers say they're at least considering the idea of requiring proof of vaccination as a condition for employees return to in-person work, according to a survey from Willis Towers Watson.

    Why it matters: The gradual upticks in mass vaccinations has allowed America's workforce to begin to picture reopened office buildings.

    The big picture: Employers have the legal right to require that their workers get COVID-19 vaccines, with accommodations for religious objections and employees with disabilities.

    By the numbers: 34% of employers said they are planning or considering mandating vaccines as a condition of employment, according to the WTW report, which surveyed 494 businesses employing 6.4 million people.
    • Still, employers expect nearly two in five employees will still be working remotely at the end of 2021, compared with 57% who work remotely now, varying by industry.
    Yes, but: Vaccine mandates do risk backlash, Ross Silverman, a professor at Indiana University, told Pew Charitable Trusts, and it could be better for companies to encourage vaccination and make it easily available for those who want it if possible, he said.
    • “That’s really where I think most of the conversations should be leaning, is how can you make workplaces safe as a system,” he said, “rather than trying to create a requirement for vaccination.”
    • 65% of employers said they are planning or considering exploring vendor solutions to provide vaccines, according to the WTW survey.
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    Arkansas woman says she was fired for refusing to get COVID-19 vaccine

    A mother of five was terminated from her job after she says she was uncomfortable getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Samantha Wise was fired March 3, 2021, from Harvest Cannabis Dispensary in Conway.

    “They actually did it — they really fired me — I didn’t think it was really going to happen,” cried Samantha Wise. “I knew most everybody’s names that came in there. I liked making people’s day. That’s my main thing in life is to just make people smile.”

    Wise says the dispensary made the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all employees. However, she said, she had concerns about getting the shot.

    “I am always that one out of every 10 or so that has a bad reaction. I am that one, so I would just rather not,” said Wise. “I don’t have good reaction with a lot of medicine.”

    She said after telling dispensary executives that she would not get the vaccine, she was told to turn in her badge and key card.

    An employment law attorney in Arkansas said their office has been inundated with people calling about the legality of employers requiring the COVID-19 vaccine.

    “A lot of Arkansans want to know can their employer force them to get a vaccine,” said attorney Chris Burks. “The employer does have the right to a safe workplace. They have the right, they are the boss, they are in charge.”

    Burks says there are a few exceptions. “In Arkansas, your employer can fire you for not taking it unless there is an issue with a medical issue or religious belief.”

    Wise said it is a long journey ahead as she works to provide for her family without a job. She said she hopes employers in the future won’t make individuals choose between a career or the vaccine.

    “I wish you all would let people make decisions for themselves instead of making the decision for them,” she said.

    Harvest Cannabis Dispensary’s Executive Director Robbin Rahman did not comment directly on Wise’s termination but released a statement saying there were a number of factors that played a role.

    “Harvest has a policy of not commenting on the circumstances surrounding the termination of any employee. However, the former employee that is the subject of KARK’s story was terminated based on a number of factors and no single factor was determinative, including whether he or she did or did not get a COVID-19 vaccine.”

    He also made clear that as a condition of employment, everyone must receive the vaccine: “All employees, managers and owners must receive a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of continued employment. Of course, for any employee that has provided notice of a medical or religious basis for not receiving the vaccine, Harvest will attempt to accommodate such employee to the extent possible.”
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    I've been warning all the Covidiots / Deniers / Anti-Vaxxers that this was going to happen since last summer before the vaccines were discovered.
    • Most here acted as if its will never happen. They can refuse to be problems. :D
    Sure if you don't mind losing your job, have no plans to travel, forced to wear a face mask at your place of work while everyone else that's vaccinated have freedom to enjoy their job, you have no plans to join the military and no plans to go to college...

    Let me know how normal their lives are after not getting vaccinated without a medical letter from their doctor to verify why they can not get vaccinated.

    It's why scientist has been saying...its the new normal.

    She should have gotten the verification letter from her Doctor that she would have allergic reaction or some other medical issue if the vaccine is taken...then given that letter to her job just like any other job situation where the employer requires an employee to do a physical task and the employee needs a letter to verify why the employee can not do that physical task due to health reason.

    In the military I broke some bones in my foot on my last jump in Airborne school. After graduation...I still needed to have a medical letter to give to my commanding officer to verify why I needed a "desk job" until the cast came off my foot and after I completely 3 weeks of physical therapy prior to being allowed back in the field.

    Simply, people that have medical reasons for not being vaccinate...they better get a letter from their Doctor to verify such to prevent problems like this woman involving losing her job.

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    Employers can bar unvaccinated employees from the workplace, EEOC says

    'In general, companies have the legal right to mandate that employees get a COVID-19 shot, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) said Wednesday. More specifically, employers are entitled - and required - to ensure a safe workplace in which "an individual shall not pose a direct threat to the health or safety of individuals in the workplace." That can mean a company requiring its workforce to be vaccinated.'
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  6. Someone who smokes pot does not want a vaccine?

    And a weed smoker is supporting 5 kids dispnesing weed?
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    I think employees who opt out of vaccination should be given a chance to continue employment if they follow current companies' spread prevention rules (vaccination not withstanding).
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    And what if the the large majority of employees don't want to risk with an unvaccinated health risk. Should the other employees be put at risk because of this one individual refuses to get vaccinated?
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    They're vaccinated so why would they care about someone who's taken precaution to reduce exposure? Vaccine hesitation to a record time developed vaccine with unknown long term effects isn't just an anti vaxxer issue.
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    Yeah... .you can try to make the same claim about the polio vaccine in 1956.... but most workplaces, schools and government offices made it a requirement.
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