Your Liechtenstein Account Has Been Closed

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  1. .......and penalties, and interest, and disgorgement, and jail. It's all there.

    Right now, Interpol has the list of Duess' clients in Curaco. Wait till the IRS gets that one. You'll be able to get a nice flat in Manhattan on the cheap, or a mansion in Greenwich.
  2. I love it. Nail them all to the wall.

  3. Is that sympathy for the IRS or envy towards the rich ?
  4. What it is, is, Justice.

    Do this, willingly break the law, and tax all of us. Get the money. And Levin is low with the `100bb a year. And, this has been going on for years, so if this will amount to trillions.

    What do the Dems say? Tax more here. Which is more of a tax on the honest guy. Get what you're owed. And the guy that thumbed his nose, put his ass in the slammer.

    I'll bet t hey never would have been hunted down if not for 9/11
  5. And what about those corrupt politicians ? :)
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    What about paying for what you get from the government?
  7. capitalism is slowly slipping away and we're entering the era of angry mob driven socialism.
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    Tax evasion is illegal, where tax avoidance is what we should all do but only according to the law. Everyone should pay whatever they owe. There are so many legal way to minimize your taxes, one of them is forming corporation of course. But these people wanted to pay none, and this is just plain wrong.
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    These people are rich so they are not going to jail. The rich don't go to jail period. The worst that can happen to them is that they just pay the tax that the IRS can prove they owe.
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