Your last chance to win funding with LMI this week!

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    Dear traders,

    We are now opening registration for the final Traders’ Contest this week! If you want to take part, please click the link below and fill in a form on our website.

    In the registration form, indicate the email address to which this email has arrived and your current VolFix login.

    You will be granted a full subscription day of the Volfix platform to take part in the contest.

    Attention: registration is open from at 00:00 UTC (April 2 at 07:00 p.m. Chicago time; 02:00 CEST)until 07:59 UTC (02:59 a.m. Chicago time; 09:59 CEST), April 3

    After successful registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you with your Contest account details. Before starting to trade the Contest, please make sure you have chosen that Contest account in the Orders Window.

    Contest Trading Conditions: You will be trading a $ 50,000 Practice Session Accountwithout a set profit target. You will be able to trade a maximum of 5 lots at the same time.

    The Contest will begin at 08:00 UTC (02:00 am Chicago; 10:00 CEST) and will end at 20:10 UTC. (03:10 pm Chicago; 22:10 CEST), April 3.

    Contest prizes (for those who have not violated the Contest rules and earned the greatest profit) are the following:

    1st place: $ 50,000 Practice Session
    2nd place: promotional code for a 60% discount
    3 place: promotional code for a 40% discount
    4-10 place: promotional code for a 25% discount

    Learn more about our trading in Traders' Contests in our help center.

    The Contest statistics table will be available in the Traders Statistics window. You can also watch it by watching the online stream.

    Best of luck in trading!
    LMI team
  2. The Contest Results are here:

    Our top prize winner basically did just one thing - went all in for a CL long.
    It's probably time to buy it from the bottom indeed!
    That's his trades.


    Congrats to all winners! Please await your prizes in the email.