your kids are smarter than you

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  1. Or at least that's what this research implies: people who play video games have better mental skills than those who don't. Watch out for the new generation, bred on video games!

    They also say this applies to social skills, which I find the easiest point to contest.

    Yay or Nay?
  2. I feel much better about the Doom and Wolfenstein sessions we had at work 10+ years ago.
  3. I've noticed that too. They can figure out how to flip those burgers better than I ever could.:D
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  4. Those without good mental skills usually don't play video games.

    Also, our kids are now expected to die earlier than us. Can't remember
    the reason why. Probably getting too fat sitting there playing video games...:p
  5. "Those without good mental skills usually don't play video games."

    Had to laugh, how true. Of course they couldn't sell video games if they printed that revelation and last but not least it would be hijacked as an insensitive comment.

    As an aside, now the schools are promoting a "nutritional" menu, what happened to the one we had umpteen years ago and Phys-ed traded off years ago for "no one picked me" Johnny's self esteem and replaced it with the slogan I'm fat and I'm proud.
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    Obviously- I'm a lot smarter than my dad!!
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    ive played video games for over 80% of my life. and as a long term video game player id say that they do increase some mental aspects. i know for a fact that my game playing has trained my reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and, to some extent, problem solving skills, but i dont think they've increased my intelligence by leaps and bounds. also it depends on the games being played. some games are fast paced, twitch based games like counter strike, doom, or quake. others are basically like an elaborate form of chess, such as civilization or age of empires.
    remember it all comes down to training, if you play a reflex game 4 hours a day 6 days a week, you'll get better reflexes. if you play memory games you'll get a better memory. the us military uses simulations "aka 100 million dollar games" to train pilots, tankmen, and soldiers to do there job, so im willing to bet theres something to it.
    lets keep an open mind; just because its on a tv/computer screen doesn't make it evil.
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    Regarding the fact that children who spend a lot time playing video games are smarter than others, I very much doubt it, but the fact that they learn quickly and understand some things better than adults is a fact
  9. Does not appear that way. Millennials seem to be stuck in their own weird world. Argue with any of them and come with solid, factual data, and soonish they break off any exchange of debate or discussion with the excuse they "need to sleep" or "are suddenly extremely busy". I decided to not ever debate or reason with Millennials in any serious fashion ever again because it was almost always time wasted without any conclusions or insights.

    That Millennials really are not the brightest on earth shows the following. I can only smirk and say that "selection of the fittest" really applies here:

  10. Hmm, not sure I agree with the latter part of your post. Other than dropping bombs and firing missiles from miles apart the US has lost almost every close combat war and crisis over the past 50 years. And even when a battle victory is declared one does not notice that the entire war has already mover to other means, while billions are spent on war technology the real war has moved already onto the information highway. 60 years ago untrained VCs kicked the shit out of well equipped soldiers and today the US gets its teeth kicked in by poor unemployed IT wiz kids in Moscow. I honestly believe kids in this hemisphere get dumber by each generation. The tools of exchange change but the DNA and IQ momentum is on a well established downward trajectory.

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