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  1. Hi, I currently use the mouse primarily, and a few hotkeys mostly for closing out positions at "last" price. I would like to add some for buying/shorting thru the market, and other functional hotkeys. I'd like to hear about how other traders have their keyboards setup, the layout of their keys, and their personal preferences for their software. Thanks.
  2. Keep it simple is my motto LOL
    I have only these hotkeys setup right now:

    buy arca
    buy nyse
    sell arca
    sell nyse
    short arca
    short nyse

    Like you, I use them mainly to close out positions. It definitely saves time.
  3. Lucrum


    Esc = deactivate order
    back quote = cancel and delete order
    F1 = decrease price 1 tick
    F2 = increase price 1 tick
    F3 = decrease price 10 ticks
    F4 = increase price 10 ticks
    F5 = decrease size
    F6 = increase size
    F8 = sell stop
    F9 = buy stop
    F12 = transmit order
    C = close position
    B = buy limit
    Ctrl + B = buy limit with bracket
    S = sell limit
    Ctrl + S = sell limit with bracket
    A = account window
    P = set Price alarm
    E = Executions window
    M = check Margin
    D = DOM
  4. gov


    Maybe local? I'm near Auburn.. Anyway, I have a cool little device called X-keys that works very well. Not sure if they are still made, maybe try Ebay.

    Here's a link to them so you can see what I am talking about. I have used it many years and it still works perfectly.

    I am just a satisfied customer, no interest other than sharing. Best.
  5. Yeah, I have seen similar things to Xkeys. I have seen the one where there is a pad, and you can place the keys on it in any order you want. Forgot the name of it...

    I would like to know the setup of those cool pro trader keyboards you see guys on trading desks have, with all the colors.

    I'm looking for a relatively simple and easy way to setup my hotkeys that other people have found useful. Those little hotkey things would be nice, but for now I would like to stick with the keyboard. one day though.. :)
  6. There's another thread on this topic, with much more detail...use the search fx.