Your generation?

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Your generation?

  1. G.I. Generation

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  2. Baby boomers

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  3. Generation Jones

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  4. Generation X

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  5. MTV Generation

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  6. Generation Y / iGeneration

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  1. Which generation you belong?

    Focus more on which generation you identify more with, rather than exact birth year.

    1910-1925 GI. Generation
    1940-1950 Baby boomers
    1950-1970 Generation Jones
    1960-1975 Generation X
    1975-1985 MTV Generation
    1985- 2000 Y Generation / iGeneration
  2. Nobody's looking through that doc.

    You should've listed the years to make it easy.

  3. could you define each in terms of birthdate
  4. Thanks for the update.

    Technically I'm Gen X, but I blend with the Gen X/MTV vibe.

  5. A lot of gen x-ers (especially those born in the mid 70's ) became losers post vietnam. Apathy and 8 tracks.

    I agree that the generation born in the 80's is the most ambitious
  6. You left out my generation. Its called luck y sons of bitches. Too young for WWII and Korea and too old for Vietnam.
  7. Generation Y? I always thought the 80s,90s generation(me) was Generation MTV. I'm not the latest generation, the one that's born with an iPod and cell phone in their hands but I'm almost Generation Y if you look at the years.
  8. What about people like you who were born to alcoholic, cigarette addicted mothers on Mars? What generation do you consider yourself from? :confused: :p
  9. Might help if you had the right dates from the article. For example, baby boom was 1945-1959.

    Guess you were part of the genX or after who didn't learn to read! LOL!

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