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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by BearHunter, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. just really bored here... stopped trading for today and i'm just killing time.

    what are you trading and what are your thoughts/experiences?

    me: trading s&p e-minis. been trading for about 2 months. it really frustrated me at first... well it still does but i'm SLOWLY improving. i've had many headaches along the way. i still want to continue this for at least a few more months. overall, i've lost nearly $1000
  2. have you ever traded the ETF ( SPY ) that tracks the ES ?

    perhaps you can do this with your broker or another broker ...

    experiment with your ideas at lower cost and leverage ...

    that is ... if you desire to do this ...

  3. The S&P is not volatile enough for my tastes. Trading the ES is....boring.

    I trade the Russell 2000 (ER2) index instead of the S&P

    The Russell really moves and is a great trading vehicle, imho.

    For example today the S&P and the Dow were both up about .8% today. But the Russell was up 1.16%. That extra range of movement makes for good profit potiental.

    Also doing well trading emini oil futures (QM). If you're a good trader, you can make a lot of cash trading oil. But be forewarned, Oil is really volatile right now.
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    if you like russell, then ec (eurofx) & bp will also be attracive.

    currency futures can spend a while in sideways markets though.
  5. I would say, trading the ES requires more spunk.

    Ever tried to do 20+ contracts in the ER2?
  6. no...what happens?
  7. give it a try
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    you pay twice as much in commission than when trading 10 lots


    (you also get scalpers joining in as they think the markets going up when they see your 'smart money big order' hitting the tape - this pushes the market your way so you can start scalling out and sell to the suckers as everyone hits the offers :D :D)