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  1. Well, it's almost Christmas and it's a time of sharing and giving, also gives you an excuse to go out shopping with all the money you made this year. Regardless of this Christmas season what are you anticipating on buying soon?

    For me:

    1. iPod MP3 player
    2. Wealth Lab 3.0
    3. Tradestation 7.0
    4. 3.0+ GHz Pentium Xeon Workstation with 6 flat screen. 3 on top and 3 on bottom. Top 3 and one left with different charting software. Bottom 2 with manual and auto-order entry system.
    5. Visual Studio .NET, still working on adjusting to C#.
    6. 40+ in. High Definition TV with high-end audio and gaming system (PS2, XBox and GameCube)
    7. Penthouse with 3+ Bedroom in Lincoln Park with a Lake Michigan View. 1 bedroom, 1 entertainment room and 1 office room.
    8. A new car. Bentley or an Escalade like the ones in a Rap Video.
  2. you have good taste, gann. make it a 2003 range rover instead of an escalade.


  3. I would like anything from I did consider it but the wife thought I had better uses for my captial instead of one of the items in moscow. I did have a ball in russia though. She and I will be in cairo january so I suppose she was right, will use the excess capital to have fun seeing pyramids.
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    I would get myself a new body, this one is getting pretty worn out!:D
  5. It's all about the bling bling, my friends....