your forum is so shit

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by RSQ, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. RSQ


    i don't even know why you bother to host a fucking forum when you can't even put one up properly

    it's been weeks now ive joined i wasnt able to post threads u had to enable it (wot a fucking joke) then u disabled it for no fucking reason and now i have to ask u to enable it. in the trading forum.

    and u cant make 2 posts in a row u have to wait 10 minute .

    go fuck urself im back to the shitty blogs at least there things work fuck off and close my account u fuckerz.
  2. You will be sorely missed, I assure you.

  3. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Yeah, we do that to keep asshats like yourself (who can't even be bothered to use capital letters) off this site so you won't annoy the fuck out of everybody. Looks like it worked :D
  4. LOL

    Just when he expected management to go.

    ok sir, sorry sir, "customer is always right sort of thing"

    you go and dump on him :D
  5. newtoet



    Nice job, Baron.
  6. Looks like RSQ used up his 15 minutes of fame.
  7. 50 bucks says this guy is an impatient angry trader who probably yells at the screen when a trade goes 1 cent in the wrong direction.