Your first stock and what happened??

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  1. Do you remember the first stock that you ever purchased?

    It was a little over 20 years ago. I think that I was 12 years old.
    I bought a penny stock called AIR FLORIDA. It went bankrupt.
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    My first trade was to short a company called Zi (symbol. ZICA) at 7 dol., I thought it was too much for a 40 cent stock go that high that fast. I got out at 8, the stock went almost non-stop to 40. Now trades around 2-3 dol.
  3. EGGS, i think.....

    went up like 90something % in a couple days. i then began thinking, "there's probably smart people out there that can detect when these moves might happen.. i have to find out how they're doing it..."
  4. First stock vs first time with a woman

    Both more than 30 years ago.
    Money changed hands in both instances.
    Don't remember the name of either.
  5. :eek:
  6. Yea, my first stock trade was about 20 years ago, also. I don't
    remember the name, but it was trading for something like 50
    cents a share and I bot 500 I think...hehe. It went to 55 cents
    and I sold. Thought I was a bad ass...:D
  7. AOL in the 90s and somehow I ended up losing a little bit of money on it ... go figure :confused:
  8. :D Let me know when you figure it out 'cause I'm still looking too. :)
  9. We saw 11 Harrow House. I think we bought DeBeers Consolidated Mines Ltd for $9.00 reinvested earned 25% dividends each year until the company went private and payed us $11.00 a share.
  10. Santa Fe Int'l (now merged with another...) back in '97 when oil was going for $12 a barrel. Bought at $18, called the broker a few days later.. he sounded like he was mocking me... "down to $16, NO volume"

    Shortly down the road it hit $20 and I started writing calls..

    Sold the last bit at $36...

    Took me a few years to lose that money...

    Been hooked ever since...:)
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