Your first (or worst) trading halt...?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RAF618, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Hey all, looking for some of your experiences being in a halted stock intraday. I am looking to read about some of your insights, emotions and lessons from such an event. Thanks!
  2. This is an easy one for me. March 8, 2000.....ECNC.OB has run up to $20.00. I had bought a boatload at .22( thats right, 22 cents) 3 months earlier and had been selling them off all the way up. I still had 6000 shares left and held them through the day and the next day too. Friday the trading was halted. Stock opened 2 weeks later at .56 which means I left 120K on the table. Lesson learned....greed is really expensive. I had made nearly 80K on that one stock which was just a fools luck. Should have dumped it all at 20.:eek:
  3. This is slightly off request as this was just after-hours but the rest of the question applies.

    I was short a strangle on Google before the earnings. It was around 430 and I was short the 370-480 strangle because the premiums were insanely high. They came out over 20c short on their earnings.

    The stock was halted after a 2s 20-30 point drop. I read the earnings report 3 times before it sunk in how deep I was. It opened up down 80!! My heart stopped, lol. I've lived through their earnings before though so I just watched it go up waiting for my heart to start up again and praying the whole time. When it hit 375 I hedged it (smaller position) and went short just in case it dropped again.

    I ended up making 2k when I closed the position out at the open when it had made it's way back to around 390 or so, but if I hadn't hedged it would've been 8k :)

    That was definitely one of the biggest heart stoppers for me ever.