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  1. I’ve been lurking around ET for several months now, and I think it is a really good resource (as long as you know how to separate the bs from the good stuff). I have come across some genuine pearls of wisdom here, and am keen to digest even more.

    So who & what has fired your imagination on ET? I guess this will be similar to the gems series (but not restricted to any one author or suggester).

    I’ll start with my fav post. It has to be the post by RS7 about accountability, simply for the reason that I have not come across such insight any where else, and I have read a good number of the must-read books.

    My fav ETer, I think is NihabaAshi. The name conjures images of a wise old man smoking a pipe, squinting his eyes and dishing out advice to his eager students. I must say, his posts if anything, have reinforced that image.

    There are several others like ArchAngel, Rigel, Kymar, RS7, AAAinthebeltway, AllenZ and Babak that come to mind who make consistently solid posts. Thanks guys!

    It seems most people either love or hate Don? I must say I don’t have an opinion either way, but I am impressed by the way he keeps his unruffled composure & good humour in the face of relentless attacks. I think he is a gentleman.

    Now I know this might be unpopular, but SuperEgo is unrivalled for the buzz he brought to ET. Boy, I’m in the UK & I would wake up every morning and rush to the PC to read the latest on his thread(s). The one thing that struck me is that he always used examples from the last day of trading. That is more than you can say for 80% of ‘gurus’ out there who use curve fitted hypothetical examples. I’m not saying he was for real, but it was too early for me to make a call one way or the other. I would have liked to ask him some questions, but never got the chance to. It’s a shame he decided to leave. I’m also disappointed that Tony Oz pulled out of the challenge, because that made it easy for SE. We all know Tony is for real, but that challenge would have been one way of determining if SE was a fake or not. Anyway, ET hasn’t been the same since his departure.

    Anyway here is my fav post, please post yours.

  2. i have a feeling he'll return. lol this sounds kinda like batman.

    [​IMG] lmao this pic NAILS it!
  3. The Aliens probably have him. They are riveted by his infinite wisdom. On those days when the markets rise unexpectedly we now know who is supporting them!
  4. SE would have killed OZ. SE would have pulled more points out the market intraday over time than the OZZY could only dream of. And what a lame excuse Ozzy gave for pulling out (how do you do a chicken squawking ..."bwak bwak buk buk buk" ..ha ha)
  6. :D

  7. born2trade, GG, Faster,

    So what is your fav post?

    I guess I can guess who Faster's fav ETer is, but what about born2trade & GG?
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    A mile, second mile top trader,quote
    Jack Schwagers top traders quote,the paperwork he dedicated to his kind mother........................Atlanta GA,top trader,admits he likes Jim Cramer[Cramer-Berkowitz hedge fund]-Michael Masters................................Michael Masters-''Write down what you have learned.................exit a trade within a predefined length of time ,the time stop is triggered''........................Personal, try, war or no war,try to stay in the game..............My favorite time stops;as much time as possible on the right side of moving averages. Also use top traders stop-5, 15,30,60 minutes,2,5days.........................{written stop number in notebook]


    gets my vote for the ever so coherent posts he used to make on the old Trading Maxims/Quotes thread :)
  9. that would be like admitting a favorite child. hehe
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