Your favorite tape-reading stocks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by slidertrader, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Some stocks trade better on technicals, some on the tape etc. I am a tape-reader, hence this thread...
    For me - I like SLB, AET, CTX and X lately.

  2. How long you have traded slb, aet and ctx?
  3. SLB for a year or so, CTX for a long time on and off, but more actively lately, and AET since the big gap down in July.

  4. Uhhh?

    Wtf does tapereading have to do with X, SLB and CTX?

    Those stocks are slaves to their respective indices. Nothing to taperead there, just play the sector. If you can taperead the $STQ, $OSX and $HGX, then you are the man.

    BTW did you totally miss the whole Hybrid thing?
  5. MHS, UNH, RCL....list goes on. I can put any stock on my screen, on any given day ALL NYSE stocks will give u 2 or 3 good tape reading entries for profit....reading and being able to interpret them is another story.

    ATI for example is one of the worst trades ever. (along with most commodity, oil, energy stocks) but if it moves you do get a screaming entry at some point or another.