your favorite song right now

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Gordon Gekko, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. i'll go first..

    "This Calling" by All That Remains

    ..don't know how many metalheads are here though
  2. Not a metalhead, but i met some dude who is totally out there.
    Has his own death metal band, radio station, etc.
    You did imply, metal something, i dont know what that is.
    Unless, in my naivety , mistook "death" metal for a diifferent kind of metal, which would kind of suck.
    I might be able to get you onto some original shit, depends , i can get back to you.

    Do you have waist length hair? Its kinda important.:)
  3. sulli


    "crazy bitch" - buckcherry
  4. Metal died in 91.

    Current favorite song - The World by Brad Paisley.
  5. Wow! Reading this I realized that ,because I mostly listen to Cd's and classic rock stations ,I havent had a favorite new song in years. I then went over to Billboard mag and looked at the top 50. I literally never heard of any of those 50 songs. Damn, I have to stop living in the 90's. Any good new rock groups out there?
  6. Treetop Flyer - Steven Stills
  7. well i'm not exactly a metalhead. i think i like a pretty big range of music really, but the majority is rock/metal.
  8. dude i'm a big 90s person, but i like recent stuff too.

    every now and then i go to sites like these to find new music:

    my fav band right now is Egypt Central. they're a pretty new band that is just starting to blow up. (their official site) (go here and play "Over and Under" for free)
  9. Man, if these bands would just stop that growling nonsense.........

    This was a perfectly good song ruined by the growling. Would've paid my 99 cents to iTunes but....
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