your favorite Schwarzenegger movie

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  1. so many of Arnold's movies are right up my alley. it's hard to pick a favorite, but i'll go with...

    1) terminator 2
    2) the running man
    3) predator
    4) total recall

    i haven't seen terminator 3 yet.

    for a listing of his movies, go here:,+Arnold

  2. T2...

    What else? You expect people to say Kindergarden Cop... :D
  3. msfe


  4. No Question: TRUE LIES....that shit was funny and he fucked up the bad guys:D Jamie Lee was smokin in the dress

    ....then Conan
  5. maxpi


    Commando. Pretty low budget, pretty muchly unrealisitic action all the way through, Dweezle Zappa was the best at acting in the whole film, but for some reason I just enjoyed it. Arnold had a few funny lines too.
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  7. Pumping Iron
    gives a fairly accurate view of the psychology of the man and what drives him.

    California could do much worse than elect him,he is an astute business man,canny politician,and movie star to boot.

    cheers d998
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    Commando. Do you remember the scene in the beginning were he is walking with the tree on his shoulder? :)
  9. Young Alyssa Milano playing his daughter... in Commando...

    But T2 ROCKs
  10. Anything without that fool.
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