Your Favorite Market Wizard

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Jack Schwager's Market Wizards books. Most successful traders have learned a great deal from these books.

    Who is your favorite market wizard, why?
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    Perhaps Blair Hull :

    - began as a black jack card counter in Vegas.

    - Pioneer in algorythmic trading with Hull Trading Corp

    - Sold Hull Trading Corp to Goldman for big dough, started a new fund and a political career.
  3. I agree, I think he's one of the best!
  4. He may have derailed Obama if he weren't a wife beater.

    Baldwin and Dennis. They both started out undercapitalized, inexperienced and overconfident. Everybody does, don't they! For me, I felt their "paths" were the easiest to replicate. How wrong I was. :cool:
  5. Dennis is one of the best, isn't he. A true legend!!

    I know a lot of people have found Michael Covel's work on the turtle method very inspiring. I'm planning to get Covel's book to get a deeper understanding of how the turtle movement was born.
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    he used to post on elite under the name pabst. Has some odd political ideas to say the least
  7. Larry Hite is a great one as well.

    He stresses how important it is to manage risk vs. knowing what market.

    He gives an example of a Coffee trader who knew everything about Coffee and ended up losing over a 100mil.

    Larry on the other hand just looked at it as risk per trade.
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    Tom Baldwin and Paul Tudor Jones
  9. Bruce Kovner was my favorite, along with PTJ and Bill Lipschutz (sp?)
  10. No doubt, the coffee trader lost sleep over that one.
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