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  1. Just because I'm bored, let's see which are the most commonly used indicators by ET members.

    So, which of the following is the main indicator you use in your trading?

    Since only 10 options are available, post any other indicator you use.
  2. Bollinger Bands
  3. Keltner, DMI
  4. Breadth.
  5. Price
  6. ddog



    Why? Because all indicators fail over time. Like someone on here said, "They work until they don't work". Just look at how many times Vision Trader changed his parameters.

    The only thing that matters is support, resistance, retracements and volume.

  8. Nordic


    Bel Vector 985

    attached to my visor, tells me when I need to slow.....down. :cool:
  9. indicators that aid in reading price movement and price momentum divergence.

    a comparison of 2 pseeds of momentum where a slower one indicates direction and a faster one going counter and coming back with the slower one - what would typically time a retracement entry.

    something designed to show congestion - trend and when congestion breaks. granted - this is a price read but having that read combine with an indicator as well has been useful.
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