Your Favorite ET Gurus Who Actually Trade

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  1. Being on ET for a while I find some great people here. Hypostomus started a poll of favorite gurus outside of ET, and it was a good poll. Let's face it, we probably spend more time here reading than we do reading stuff on the outside, I know I do.

    Try and keep this thread friendly, it would be a shame to see it closed. Vote away eses!:D

    Sorry to the ones I left out, the max poll is 10.
  2. Aaron


    Dr. Zhivago.

  3. You mean, Dr. Zhivodka?
  4. I watch him trade everyday and I think he has exceptional discipline! He always has great ideas and insight throughout the trade day that has helped my trading. He sticks to his highly regimented trade rules and strategies..... how many of us can actually do that..... not me. These are the key ingredients for profitable trading IMO.....Niha gets my vote!

  5. dbphoenix


    Maybe you should define "guru". I don't see how I belong on this list.
  6. I am trying to understand the poll here. So let me ask this. What makes these ET members more like a gurus than I am. How do you come up with this set of ET guru candidates but not including me?

  7. Pabst

    Pabst eat healthy.
  8. dbphoenix


    Who are you?
  9. Who are they?!


  10. dbphoenix


    I can't provide bios for all of them. But I've read Mark's and Natalie's posts for many months and am satisfied that they know what they're talking about. As for the rest, I can't say.

    But one thing's for certain: credentials don't make a guru. There are plenty of credentialed people here who I wouldn't trust with the price of a Snickers.
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