Your favored currency ETF for protection vs dollar decline

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  1. Hello my fellow ET members,

    What currency ETF would you recoomend most for protection versus dollar decline (& profitability).

  2. Currency ETF's are the *dumbest* etf's ever thought of. Clearly designed for dumb newbies/bag holders which is why they have no volume. Why not just trade whatever currency pair you want through a broker like IB and put the rest of your money to work in something else?
  3. Here's the list I found of ETF's:

    What currency pairs would you recommend instead?
  4. I'm not recommending any currency. All I saying was that currency *etf's* are a BAD way to trade currencies. Why? Because currencies by their very nature move very little % wise over time. You need *some* leverage, certainly NOT 50-100x like the bucket shops but some leverage like 5-10x in order to come up with a meaningful trade. Unless you think the dollar will be worth 50% next year.

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    currency etfs are bad but it might make sense to use their options
  6. Thank you both for your input about currency ETF's & options.
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    So a currency ETF just buys a foreign currency and piles it over in the corner or something? Why don't they at least put it in a money market equivilant of that currency?
  8. They are useful for IRAs or 401k plans where you are restricted to funds. I believe Rydex has a weak dollar mutual fund that offers two times leverage. Basically, they are a short term debt type alternative.
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