Your Fav Led Zep song

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  1. Now, that's a tough question. Tie: Black Dog/ Rock And Roll. The list for second place is huge.
  2. There is a song on the album 'Presence' called 'Nobody's fault but mine' which I really appreciate.

    Jimmy Page plays his beloved Les Paul Gibson with violin bow. It produces a really interesting effect throughout the song.

    As a hobby of mine is playing guitar, I really enjoy listening to the great guitarists like Page.

    Most of their songs are outstanding, it's really difficult to pick just one though.
  3. How could dancing days not be number one? The results would have to be rigged.
  4. Immigrant Song: Led Zeppelin is back!
  5. Kashmir...hands down
  6. satan is what satan does:

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  7. If you play "Maybe I'm Amazed," backwards you get a really ripping recipe for Lentil soup.
  8. I'd list it high but as a Chicagoan it's gotta be When The Levee Breaks.

    On second thought I wish a few thousand of those Mississippi crows had drowned down South rather than moving to Chi-town. :)
  9. "since I been lovin you, I'm about to lose, my worried mind, ohhh yeah".........
  10. why? "cause I got a woman wanna ball all day", eventually I just told her to I had to "ramble on"
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