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  1. I have a sizeable portfolio that is net long. I'd like to enhance the performance by daytrading QQQQs. I might want to make my trading automated and am seriously considering Tradestation.

    Any thoughts on viability of trading QQQs and experience with Tradestation would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Tradestation has THE best strategy executions. They keep on improving every day and they never stop. It used to be that strategies execute only after the close of the bar depending on what time fram you are using for charts. But now they have introduces intr-bar executions which are phenominal. What this means is this:

    Let's say your strategy is to buy when price crosses the open of the day. Because of intrabar execution, as soon as price crosses the open, the strategy will execute. It will NOT wait for the close of the current 1 min or 5 min bar or whatever it may be. Used tradestation for 6 years and satisfied.
  3. Thanks Mike. What instruments have you traded? I intend to trade only Qs or SPY (intraday).
  4. Trading with Tradestation since 1995. The most powerful and flexible system i ever saw.
    I trade ES.
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    I have had problems with frozen data feed at the open with stocks, it is a common complaint with TS. I'm shopping around for some setup that will allow me to back up thier feed with IB quotes.
  6. Do you know of anyone that daytrades (automated) Q's successfuly? I've need discretionalt trader and now try to develop rule based trading just for Q and SPY.
  7. i have noticed a dramatic increase in quote/data feed problems, order execution phenomena with the "matrix" {you would need to see live what i am talking about or you would never believe me}.

    i have noticed a dramatic increase in account "micromanagement" by tradestation while in trades------ i am convinced that tradestation has some large clients {cta's or hedges} that are in deep yet unfunded margin calls and to keep ts's compliance issues clean they are making new rules {squeezing} everyday for everyone else. they are forcing me to do things while i am in trades that have NEVER been required of me before------like maintain overnight session margin while trading systems during the day at times??????????????

    there in my opinion seems to be some "stress" with tradestation as a result of their overall regulatory compliance issues. i will add that this is my opinion and i have no evidence of this first hand other then all my recent dealings with tradestation. i have been slowly but surely moving all of my funds to other brokers as time and trade system function will permit.
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    The "Matrix" demons are invading, look out.
  9. the blue pill or the red pill---------- :)
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    I trade mostly stocks and QQQQ with tradestation.
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