Your experience trading with both uplink and downlink via satellite

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    Hi would like to get peoples feedback on what this is like in practice- issues (latency, rain) less well known glitches. I know nobody uses satellite when quality ground links are available. (feedback on trading via 3+G cellular network as sole link also of interest).


    Years ago I made a decision to focus on methodology that:

    1) I could do by satellite so I could do from anywhere e.g an isolated farm or mountaintop i.e out of reach of fixed line/cellular - hence interest in satellite experiences.
    2) Could do when I was 60+ in terms of physical capability and risk profile.
    2) Could do or at least check up on via a laptop so I could travel.
    3) Could just get up and do something else without being in fear of massive (i.e. futures type ) losses and without missing too much i.e. not glued to the screens every day and be able to not miss too many opportunities from not being there (actually you need to be there most of the time for your subconscious pattern recognition to pick up the nuances).
  2. I've traded from Hughes for a short time in the Sierras. It was fine for low-freq stuff, but it's like 600ms latency. In reality, 600ms is nothing if you're trading options, but it's material if you're trading ES or futures spreads.

    Your product and duration would be critical. 3G cellular is dogshit.
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    Thanks Atticus - I am already used to dealing with 380ms latency via ADSL between Bangkok and Hong Kong - routed via US or Korea.
  4. OIC, then you should be fine. Downstream is better than 20Mbps now.