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  1. EricP


    Quad Core question... Actually, the same question applies for dual core.

    I run a pretty intensive program for my trading. Unfortunately, the program is a single-threaded process, so I can't fully take advantage of a dual processor system (except for unloading the operating system processes, etc). Will a dual or quad core processor be able to generate substantial improved speed for running a single threaded process, or can a single threaded process only be run on a single 'core'?

  2. jsmith


    I think dual and quad core will only be effective if the applications that are being run are programmed effectively to support the architecture.

    As for the trading programs we curently available, I don't think anyone of them will have much benefit.

    "single threaded process only be run on a single 'core'"
    I believe the answer is yes.
  3. gnome


    Probably no increase in speed. You *might* see some improvement in overall system speed IF you are multi-tasking and IF some processes get directed to the other core... no assurance of anything good.
  4. This is also my thinking.
    Of course, all this is quite a bit away in the future, 2008-2009. Software may also evolve quite a bit, at least if you are not glued to a monopolist not interested in technology but rather in keeping you paying through your nose.

    I am thinking about the clustering technique being very hard worked on in linux. In fact, IBM made the most absolute-powerful computer in the world based on this technique. Maybe software will indeed become capable of automatically shifting loads to many processors, something that right now is not feasable in workstations as many have pointed out. (Servers is a somewhat different question.)

    PS: Cray was mentioned above. Let's not forget that programs typically running on cray machines have nothing whatsoever in common with what most people are thinking of. These run most often large scale scientific problems where the specialized cray architecture permits highly efficient implementation of typical algorithms. Most common typical computer loads would almost run as well on a PC as on a cray (almost :) )
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    Zero gains.

  6. simsim


    Definitely gains. as you off load the burden of the system to multithreading.

    Try experimenting running your single threaded application on a Multi cpu Server. you will notice the difference.
  7. I have resolved much...but I could have an error in my conclusions...
    • I simply own an 8 port switch.
    • I have scrapped the dual/quad/multiple monitor card idea...
    • If I need another monitor then I buy another computer and plug it in to the switch. If I need power... then I buy a powerful computer and only run ONE Application on it! If I have more than 8 applications to run than I can buy a 16 port switch!
    • Deluxe DSL is fine

    Michael B.

    P.S. Now there must be a way I can run one keyboard and mouse for all....For example if I could drag the cursor over to the next monitor with my single puter/monitor set up, it activates the keyboard there...hey new product!
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    This product already exists. I stumbled across it, but did not bookmark the link, because I cannot use it.

    Needs Windows XP as far as I remember.

    Happy googling

    Bernd Kuerbs
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