Your download/upload speedtest...I need help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by forsalenyc, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. My new quad core PC's been slow this weekend, so I ran couple of speedtests from and both show download speed of around usually ran over 20000kbps prior to this weekend. It's not viruses cuz I just bought this computer last week......does anyone know a way to fix this problem? is this usually problem with ISP? thx
  2. o i already tried unplugging the modem...didn't help
  3. are you using comcast?i don't know where u live but i live in Chicago suburbs, for the past two weeks i was having same problems with download and upload speed, they where having problems with servers .
  4. Tums


    if you are using Vista...

    disable ipv6

    Vista has a new ip stack... it requires a "Vista Ready" router. If your router is a few years old, it can easily get overwhelmed.
  5. I'm using XP upload speed is normal, but my download speed is 1/10th of normal.......should I call my ISP(cox)?
  6. But are you using a Router?

    Router's are "throw-away" items after awhile. It pays to buy a new one every now and then.
  7. really? I've been using this router for about a year it time to get a new router? also, when I tried unplugging the modem, I didn't unplug the router. should I? thx
  8. Its not your Router but to make sure plug the cable modem directly into your machine and then test the speed.

    I think its network issues. Call your provider. I had the same issue last week. I noticed my download speeds from that same site you presented were around 1200 to 1500 kpbs. I also had normal upload speeds of about 1.2 mbs. Normally I get 14000 kpbs.

    Time Warner had some network issues in my area they had been going on for about 3 days. Its fixed now and the download speeds have increased to 22 mbs.
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    Every couple of months I call my internet provider and ask if there are any upgrades to their routers... what's new etc. I usually bitch until I get them to send me a new one (at no charge). Unreal what you can get if you don't hang up...