Your daily targets on the ES?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by sammybea, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. sammybea


    I am happy with just green.. but wondering what are your daily targets on an average day.
  2. I do have targets for my systems, but I also have stop-losses. I think the latter are more important. My targets are: 6 (first) 8 or 9 (second), and whatever I get with an MOC unless the stop-loss of 6 pts is triggered first.

  3. My targets are not static. My target will increase with every bar (in an up move) because I am trading Gann squares. However, on the 5 minute time frame, the target is usually about 8 points.
  4. nitro


    When the day closes.

  5. The only target I have to trade according to my plan... I don't much care if that produces a red day or a green day, cos in the long-run I am green...
  6. tomf


    the actual target in points differs a lot for various trading styles. If one scalps like 20 contracts each time he might be pleased with 2 points. Nevertheless a trend trader trading smaller size will take trades on longer timeframes and will probably hope for anything >8
  7. i trade 5 contracts and am very very happy when i can get +2 POINTS on a trade but will quite often exit with only 1.5 points
  8. tomf


    i meant for a scalper in total not per trade