Your clues on why you should have been short the market all this past week

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by simon1080, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Last week on friday...

    JIM CRAmer announced that he feels good about the market with all this data coming.

    This was your 1 and only clue to short the entire market.

    All the hedge funds... the only formula you need to make mass dollars ...

    Here is the formula:

    Watch MAD MONEY ...
    Take jim Cramers advice.
    Open your positions exactully opposit to his calling.
    EXECUTE without thinking twice!

    Big % gains guaranteed!


    Ta ta
  2. he's a great fade except for the few stocks that actually keep going up after he recommends them. Thats why you need stops when shorting cramer.
  3. oil rally
  4. mark2


    I do not watch Mad Money that often any more.. but he has been doing ok before.. is he really doing that bad lately?
  5. wjk


    10-4. Caught a nice little short out of the gate on WIN, his call from last night. Keep a special gap list for his calls ever since he came out and cried about the shorts.....on the other hand, I won't hold a short in an index he's pumping stocks in. Guess it works both ways. Shorting when the fed was cutting was much more worrysome. Unless I'm mistaken, didn't Cramer make a big chunk of his fortune shorting?
  6. The only shorts that stock_trad3r has are in his dresser.